Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Searchword Story (Personal Pecuniary Entry)

Most profitable keywords made into a story.

Before their vacation, the Shimoya family had to ensure their home insurance was up-to-date. Many things could go wrong while the house lays dormant. They also brought travelers' checks and travel insurance just to be safer.

After Mr. Shimoya found the best rates for hotels on, he had several memory cards and USB thumb drives packed along with the rest of the luggage because he knew there would be lots of scenery to film, during the month they were away from home.

Luckily, they will not cram themselves into a car, but a Volvo XC90 SUV - the hallmark of a suburban Yuppie family. Tanaka and the siblings waved goodbye at the schools as they passed them, acting as if they expected the school buildings to wave back. Dad asked Mom to check both of their wallets to make sure they had all of their credit cards, as what they planned to spend during the vacation would not come cheap. Mom also checked the digital camera to make sure it was empty and ready to store an abundance of pictures and video.

They checked into a good hotel at Niagara Falls, and talked about possibly touring the film schools on the West Coast later on in the trip. Dad made sure his laptop's software for the digital camera's data transfers were new and up-to-date.

Then Dad checked online to read literature about how auto insurance may act different, and the different necessary procedures, if something were to happen to their SUV out of state and they would need a rental vehicle. Fortunately for his policy, his rental vehicle would be free for the duration of their travel, while his auto gets fixed somewhere.

That night, after touring the falls, The parents treated the kids to an exciting video, while they both attended a mortgage seminar at a conference center in town.

Afterwards, Mom researched flights to Japan on various websites, like,,, and many others, as that was where they were going after touring the West Coast. (They would leave the SUV with a friend for the time they're gone.) In the meantime, Dad was editing videos and pictures taken earlier that day.

Thankful that the mortgage seminar taught them of a more proper way to refinance loans, they went to the website for the creditor they owe loans to and made the necessary adjustments.

Having been meaning to get a new computer for next year, Mr. and Mrs. Shimoya thought they could buy an elegant but low-priced computer from the UK, but it turns out computers from the UK look much like ours; there are none that look more "elegant" except some rather high-end ones.

Later on in the trip, Tanaka was told that towards the end of the trip, and due to his precociousness, he would get to enjoy an extended stay for one year in Japan with his aunt and uncle. This would be no problem, as Tanaka got ample training by his Dad to learn Japanese and many aspects of culture and norms that a child growing up in Japan is supposed to know.

Going back to the financial matters, the fact that they will soon have three cars, the third being a soon-to-be-bought extended-cab pickup truck, will put them in some more debt. However, they know how to manage it just fine; they say "that paying off this truck will be simple like paying off the furniture."

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