Saturday, August 04, 2007

Having *thick skin* gets uncomfortable. I must not go back in it. (Personal entry)

(For some reason, I can't post quotations or apostrophes in the title or else it'll backslash and not let me post since the "note title is too long" but wouldn't be if it wasn't for the glitch.)

When someone can't "take the heat" of a situation or environment they're in (not natural, but social, mostly.), they're told to "grow a thick skin."

The high school environment was of course less friendly than college so I may have grown some thick skin there.

However, soon after I graduated, I figured, "Well gee, it's ABOUT TIME I left such a harsh place. I suppose most (or hopefully all?) of the unfriendly people will have gone on to some technical school or maybe directly to work."

When I entered college and started soaking in the friendlier environment, I then figured "Hey, they're all cooler toward me and each other and staying in a thick skin like this does have its disadvantages! So, why don't I just SHED IT OFF?"

So I felt better about letting it go for the first time in a long time. I guess it made me more timid and sensitive again, albeit in a more mature way than the last time I was (in Elementary school.)

I know the world might get harsh again after college, but when I look back at the callous hide I wore back in high school, I knew I would really, really not like wearing it again. What am I going to do? I can only put off graduation for so long...

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