Saturday, February 14, 2009

23/25 facts about myself: "I will marry one day." (Valentine-themed) (One fact per note now.) (Personal Entry)

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I will marry one day, and will stop at nothing when I start the process.


My first-of-first preferences will be Korean women. Korea is my motherland, so Korean women seem cuter to me.


My first preference will be East Asian women. They look similar enough to Koreans so they'll do.


If meeting girls in person apparently won't work, I'll keep signing up for online dating sites. I'll even try to beat the world record for "the most dating sites signed up" if I have to; the worldwide recognition ought to make the few girls who feel sorry enough, to approach and court me. But I will promptly cease this record attempt upon finding my special someone.


Some will say that signing up for online matchmaking services is an act of "desperation." Well I'm for the newest & the latest in tech and trends.

Maybe having a cellphone in 1989 was an act of "desperation;" desperate to stay communicable with anyone you care about.

Maybe owning a car in 1909 was an act of "desperation;" desperate to not stay in the same area for too long; desperate to go see more places; desperate to visit more people; desperate to not have to rely on horses anymore.

Anyone who tells me finding soul-mates online seems an act of desperation doesn't appreciate this facet of new technology.


The gal needs to be a Christian or Jew. Thankfully, my own church helps matchmake couples. The church wants me to get married.


I can have "practice dates" through the church (Missionary dinners, etc.) to help polish me better. In fact, I just had one with Sister Enrico, Sister (Lyndee / Lynae) Unsicker, and Megan Grauer at Old Chicago the other week!


However, I think I'll find the gal for me in Korea. At least I hope to move to Korea one day and live there pretty much for keeps. Perhaps a church will matchmake me there.


Marriage feels like no less than a mandate for me; here is why:


I have no brothers, and my parents will not produce any more siblings.


I have no male 1st cousins with my last name.


I have no male 2nd cousins with my last name.


I heard that there may be a "Jack Shultz" (is he called a 3rd uncle or a "3rd cousin once removed?") who has my 3rd cousins, but I've never met him, don't know where his family lives, and would have to ask my grandma or one of my uncles about him. Nevertheless, I don't think he counts; they're far too distant.


I read that during the early conception stages, we can choose the gender of our children now. I'd like it to alternate: Son, Daughter, Son, Daughter, etc.) I feel compelled to have at least two sons before I'm unable to procure more children.


If I ever get enough money and cannot produce children the traditional way, I'll still not stop trying to have kids. I suppose I'll have them through In-Vitro Fertilization then and raise them as a single father. (Let's hope neonatal science invents artificial colostrum by then.)


Since IVF is far too expensive to perform here, I will go to the Medical Promised Land of India and do it. To have the procedure done, plus the hotel stays, tourisms, meals, AND round-trip plane tickets will all be cheaper together than to just have it done in the United States.


Joe Hawkinson (Yes, Joe, I still have two people to tag after you) told me that God's plan for some people includes not marrying and having kids. I believe that plan would only apply to anyone who has a brother to carry on the lineage for them. At least Joe has been blessed with a HUGE family! I have not! I had better darn well hope that no such plan applies to me; that God will let me have a family.


Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and their ideal significant others will be endeared to their weaknesses, not repulsed by them. The weakness that I'm keeping a secret, which was touched on in Fact #1, is something that will endear my ideal wife to me. After all, many famed luminaries have/had it too.


(Added 5:19 PM) Guys are supposed to approach gals now; it was the other way around until about my Sophomore year of high school! I liked it better that way. Why do we have to do it now? (I ask because I abhor this turnaround.) Since it's (apparently) never a good idea to approach a girl in ski-masks (even in 0-degree weather outside, and I never attempted it,) I think the only way to do it and not mind risking a life-long grudge is at a Halloween party.

(Continued on "24/25 facts about myself: "How I would change things if I woke up in my past." (One fact per note now.)" due to length. Each "fact" itself is getting so long now, they each warrant their own entry.)

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