Thursday, February 12, 2009

21/25 facts about myself: "I Craigslisted my old house." (Divided AGAIN - One fact per note now.) (Personal Entry)

(Continued from "16-20/25 facts about myself. (Installments of five each; more to come...)" due to length. Each "fact" itself is getting so long now, they each warrant their own entry.)

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We're selling our old house in Chapman and I Craigslisted it. Word is Dad wants to sell it for $55,000 so that is the current minimum asking price.


The Craigslisting:


When I read that a tornado swept Chapman, I had hoped that our house was gone. Our insurance would've paid us out for its estimated value and we would have been done with it forever! The tornado only hit the north side of the railroad tracks from the SW going NE. Our home was completely out of its path.


With the garage's saddleback roofline, fence with a resemblance of missing teeth, overgrown weeds, and other ancillary hallmarks of 2 1/2 years of no maintenance, it's in a practically unsaleable condition.


So whenever missionaries and proselytizers of other religions/denominations approach me, I'll actually try to make deals with them to get this house sold:


"Well, I'll go to your (house of worship) if you can send any congregation member out to my family's old house at the address on my Post-It here (202 S Anderson Street, Chapman, KS 67431) to renovate and make our property more saleable.

They're to do anything it takes to make the property more presentable for sale: from restoring the fenceline and perma-killing weeds, to restoring the overgrown brick sidewalk and possibly even replacing wood with vinyl. Even though our minimum asking price is $55,000, if you all can make it nice enough to get me an even higher offer, I'll be more likely to stay with your (house of worship.)"


I'll count on those other religions' missionaries/proselytizers to cease trying to take me to their house of worship. If they actually take me up on this overbearing offer, then I may have them agree on the precondition that it gets sold at a higher price first before I stay with them. If it's the original $55,000, then I suppose I'll stay with the current church.


Fellow congregants of my current church, if you're none too thrilled at this proposition of desperation, do you know of anyone in our stake who would be willing and has the time to help? We can ride out to Chapman together and it's only ~30-35 miles from here.




Tom, Doug, Chris, Geoff, Kent, or James, do you have an opinion? Do you suppose you may know anyone who might be willing to help fix the house up (or at least get it sold?) (I've decided to tag you four because I wondered what people from my own church would say, how much anyone in our Stake is willing to help, and I'm still trying to tag 25 people for these series of notes.)

(Continued on "22/25 facts about myself: "I had a deprived childhood & adolescence." (Divided AGAIN - One fact per note now.)" due to length. Each "fact" itself is getting so long now, they each warrant their own entry.)

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