Friday, January 30, 2009

We'd have to narrate novels to avoid making "lies of omission" (Personal Entry)

"I went down the stairs to get to the driveway" is a condensed form of:

"At 2:36:53 PM, I started my right foot down the stairs, turned two lefts down the stairwell, reached the ground floor on my right foot again after climbing down 47 steps, opened the right hydraulically-operated door with both hands, scampered 184 steps with a headwind blowing in my face, passed a Bentley Arnage, a Ford GT, a late-model Range Rover, and a Kawasaki motorcycle before turning left, nearly tripping on the drainage gutter when the edge hit my right ankle at 2:41:25 PM, and finally landing on the driveway with my left foot at 2:42:08 PM."

So if I told you the condensed form, THEN I'D BE LYING!!! *lol* To tell the truth, we'd have to narrate a novel each day!

We'd be more guilty of lying by omission than George Dubya is of lying outright.

(Addendum:) The Bible only touches on lying (outright.) Where does it make any mention of lying by omission? I think we only invented this "lie of omission" concept just so we would be told everything we ask about, though what could result is receiving more information than is needed.

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