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Reflections on the Humanity of Sanctuary (Personal Gaming Entry)

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On a calendar of a far-off, mythical land, the New Year has begun! I wish any of the observers of the mysterious Gregorian Calendar a blessed New Year.

I observe this calendar too, even though it's of a land which, in legend, we originated from in ancient prehistory. The mythical land of "Earth" has such a mystique, its tales are known and read by a majority of Sanctuarians.

Wars in a mythical land based on skepticisms

On "Earth," humankind has been at war with each other since time immemorial. On that land are mythical parallels: They believe demons and angels are a myth - those who fervently believe their existence are "religious adherents." Those adherents have many names - Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Sikhs, Shintoists, and many more individual religions that probably derive from the same set of angels, Gods, and Goddesses from the same Heaven. (Some religions, like Christianity, believe there is only one God.) Those who only will believe if they see irrefutable proof are "atheists," "agnostics," and other kinds of secular humanists.

Often, war is about beliefs of demons and angels that will not show themselves there like they do here. Bloodshed has been needless and in vain because of the inherent skepticism that has plagued their humanity for millennia. Some wars are about resources, landspace, and the overthrow of brutal and adversarial governments, but that's beside the point.

United Humanity

Here on Sanctuary, there is no such thing as Atheism; angels and demons are just as real as you and I, and have been showing themselves regularly all over the planet. The closest parallel to the tales' Christianity is [[Zakarum]]. If it had not been for the ever-presence of super-worldly forces of [[Heaven]] and [[Hell]], there would be far fewer adherents to our religion than there are now. Only their presence removes all doubt that otherwise plagues the humans of legendary Earth.

Unless our fellow man has been possessed by Hell's minions, we do not war against one another on Sanctuary. (The [[Battle of Westmarch]] comes from [[Leoric]] being corrupted by Diablo, and his armies corrupted by his minions.) Especially since the attacks on our civilization have intensified, we have all united against a very common and universal foe - all led by [[Diablo]] and the other [[Evils]]. In times like these, we put aside all of our petty differences to focus our efforts on defeating the biggest threats first!

What would it take for the same unity to happen on Earth? I believe nothing short of an extraterrestrial invasion could make this possible! Furthermore, in times of global unity, otherwise improbable relationships are born! --[[User:ENG|ENG]] 03:18, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

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