Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The majesty of Harrogath! (Personal Gaming Entry)

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The end of the Lord of Terror, in the meantime

'''After many nerve-rending attempts, [[Diablo]]'s reign of terror concluded once and for all!'''

Unfortunately, I could not be bothered to collect his [[soulstone]] once he died! When I remembered and tried to come back to retrieve it, someone had already taken the soulstone! [[Diablo III|Diablo will live on to cast his Reign of Terror upon us again!]] I have wept from this horrific news in the midst of good.


There were some parallels to [[Lut Gholein]] in Harrogath. It is as if a twin city was built on the foot of the [[Arreat]] Mountain Range. However, the city shines with such majesty. The [[Music|ambience]] elates me into feeling what it's like to [[starwars:Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy|adventure in]] [[Wikipedia:Star Wars|a futuristic saga]]!

However, the prices are as high as the elevations are! In the [[Rogue Encampment|lowlands of my first adventure]], the Town Portal scrolls were 90 gold each. Here, they are now 200 each. I demanded an explanation. Malah told us that supplies are easily run low in the siege, and whatever supplier they CAN find, they must pay dearly for their services. Who is the [[Lord of Greed]]? Someday, I will have to find and finish him, too. The suppliers greedily take advantage of Harrogath's siege situation and proceed to make a killing (a solid profit) out of it.

I wish I could find the suppliers so I could "persuade" them to be fairer. In the meantime, if something I'm looking for is available somewhere cheaper, I will waypoint there instead.

Barbarians were associated with nomadic lives. I never thought they could have a permanent settlement like Harrogath. It is too bad that Harrogath will be no more when Tyrael destroys the [[Worldstone]]. I saw this vision in my dreams. I also know from them that [[Nihlathak]] is a betrayer, but now is too premature to let the rest of Harrogath know; I must back this dream up with evidence.

On a brighter note, I can sell for up to 25,000 gold each now. I have, and must now go and cleanse the lands between the settlement and [[Mount Arreat]]. --[[User:ENG|ENG]] 12:34, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

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