Saturday, December 13, 2008

Antisocial Rogues (Personal Gaming Entry)

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My Rogue employees are pretty antisocial. Is there some kind of code in their [[Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye]] that prohibits speaking to their employers while they are mercenaries?! I don't remember the name of my first Rogue anymore, whom I hired for a really low 100 gold, but I decided to replace her because I couldn't find a way to get her to speak to me.

Then the next Rogue wouldn't talk either. I kept her around until she got defeated in Tristram. (I still was able to clean out the town just fine.) Disappointingly, my rogue employee wouldn't drop any loot once a gang of demons killed her. I have since hired a new one, named [[Rozene]].

Also, I do not know why a Rogue cannot carry any packs; none of them will pick up any loot for me that the monsters drop! I really, really wish they could also serve as my mules so I wouldn't have to Town-Portal back to the Rogue Camp every 5 minutes to off-load and sell demons' junk.

I have over 35,000 Gold in my possession (in the stash and on myself). I wish I could give them bonuses of extra gold for doing excellent work. Alas, '''there isn't a mercenary incentive system here!!!''' (And maybe if I gave them a BIG bonus, of perhaps 5,000 gold or more, I could get them to court and fall in love with me as well. They aren't trained to be prostitutes either so I can't.)

Finally, another big frustration with my employees is that I cannot buy any weapons and armor for them! Why do they have to keep using basic fighting wares all the time? This just won't help them get far, you know? --[[User:ENG|ENG]] 01:50, 13 December 2008 (CST)

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