Friday, August 08, 2008

Bomb Threat To Air China - (Edit: Well, that's passed.) (Personal Entry)

On the 10th, (in less than 48 hours already; time really DOES fly fast!) I'll be flying from Incheon on an Air China flight. As I've mentioned in other blogs, it flies to Beijing first, before going to Los Angeles and then San Diego.

(I'm not that interested in seeing the Olympics. If I ever become interested, I could just find a recording to watch.)

Now, a Japanese would-be terrorist sent a bomb threat. See the news article here:

Title and Subtitle:

"E-mail threat turns back Air China plane"
"Jet forced to return to Japan, where officials suspect tie to Olympics"

Normally, I would shrug off a news article like this, but considering this is to an airline I will fly on in less than 48 hours, I feel kinda concerned.

Let us hope this unseen terrorist nor whatever terrorist group he's in does not bomb Air China Flights CA126 and CA983, the first two flights I'll be on. If there are any reports of a bombing of an Air China flight, let us hope it's none of these numbers.

And I reckon that if a bombing were to happen on my plane, I may survive anyhow, according to the law of Quantum Immortality.

Update from Beijing

I'm waiting to get on to a connecting flight to LA, also with Air China. So far, so good, and this airport is quite a wonder to behold, when it comes to how it looks and sparkles!

Once I land in LA, this mild fear will all be over.

To be continued, hopefully.

Landed in LA safely

Well, I landed in LA without much trouble. We don't have to worry about it anymore. For all we know, they may have tracked down the man who sent the threat. As long as no threats are made to Frontier Airlines (my domestic flight back to KS), there's absolutely nothing to give notice to.

Back in America, once again. I'm so glad the barrier struggles are all gone...

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