Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ah, I have reached the 400-friend milestone. Many thanks to you. (Personal Entry)

Now that I have 401, I feel more "accepted" than I have ever (?) felt before.

(I may have been around church groups and other friendly groups who have universally accepted me as well as each other, so the feelings may be similar here. But this is one heck of a milestone!)

The honor of being my 400th friend goes to:

My sister Natasha??

What happened here was she deleted her old Facebook account (and therefore took everyone off of her friend list) so she could start brand-new, all over again. She also made her profile very private so that no casual user could ever find her on a search nor her friends' friend lists. (Therefore, your view may only show 400 (or less?) friends on my friends list because at least one of my friends has a very strict privacy setting.)

She also said it would be better for her to request friends than for strangers to request her. I didn't think she was that introverted; maybe she'll be more outgoing and show her profile more once she's in college next year.

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