Saturday, July 26, 2008

Someone or I must invent the power-generating streetlight.

Before, I thought by the time I think of an idea, it will have already been put into practice elsewhere.

I've not heard nor read of a single streetlight that generates power.

I must start expanding on this idea; maybe even build a prototype to see how nicely it works when put into practice. (A miniature prototype, about the size of a sunflower plant.)

I don't care whether someone steals this idea or not; just so long as many of these streetlights pop up within due time we'll all enjoy the better abundance of power, and lowered energy bills. Even giving me credit is optional.

But if nobody starts developing and erecting streetlights with an embedded wind turbine, I should. In the daytime, the turbines on the streetlights can give electricity to the city. Lots of utility fees will be saved this way, especially in a time of exorbitant energy costs!

Yes, there is the issue of up-front construction and set-up fees, but they all pay for themselves after spinning for a bit.

Pessimists can say whatever may come to mind, but note that many once thought mankind would never take to the skies.

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