Saturday, January 12, 2008

Official: I doubt I'll -ever- join Mice Pace. (Personal entry)

Image caption: Mice Pace is maturing slower than the pace of this mouse. Furthermore, their site looks as immature as his face.

That other social networking site whose name I don't want to mention correctly looks too immature and unorganized. I have waited for the site to "grow up" and "clean up" but there isn't enough change happening on Mice Pace.

Whereas Facebook looks as clean as a marble wall.

I've heard many horror stories about Mice Pace, some I'll not list here, but too many betrayals and heartbreaks happen there every day. I'm more delicate than a bar bouncer, that much is certain, so maybe he can take the heat there but I can't. If Mice Pace is such a filthy site, someone ought to nickname it "Rat Pace" and/or even "Cockroach Pace" because it resembles a digital rat den and a digital roach resort.

Sure, some of you want me to join Mice Pace but I'll make you a deal: Pay off my entire credit card balance, and I will. If I have already paid it off by the time you make this offer, pay off 1/5 of my total student loans (including the Alternative Signatures) and I will.

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