Friday, April 22, 2005

I've gotta start writing REAL journals too!

8:26 PM

Today, lets see here, I have a lot of stuff to do, Expository Writing, College Al, and all. I'd love to call College Algebra "College Al". Oh, how I want to do it, but for some reason, I keep putting them off. I really, REALLY want it to be as fun as video games, net surfing, and eating very tasty food.

And how do I indent on here? I want to indent!! Really, I do. I want my webjournal to look better than others'. I don't call it a "blog" because it reminds me of the following words:

  • Blob
  • Slog
  • Slug
  • Block
  • Bog

All of the words except "block" sound disgusting and remind me of disgusting things. I wish they used "Webjournal" or "Webdiary" in the first place instead of "Weblog" because I'd tolerate "wernal" (portmanteau of Web Journal) or "wiary" (portmanteau of Web Diary) a lot better. "Blog" sounds too disgusting and constantly reminds me of an overweight couch potato whose stomach looks like a blob, everytime I hear or see the word.

I'm selling things on Ebay now, in hopes of gaining a better life, paying off all my Tuition, and helping get more people to know God.

More details to (hopefully) come in the days ahead. In fact, I may type up a different entry on the same day if I feel like.

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