Friday, March 18, 2005

Sentient Androids= The ULTIMATE Cash Cows? (Part 5)

More Charitable Acts as soon as poverty reaches obsolescence
As soon as the entire world knows no more poverty, and every last homeless person has a home, my next round of donations will go towards Christian causes. Yes, some readers might not be Christians but I can express myself freely here.

Japan is suffering spiritually. Out of the current population of ~127,400,000, only ~0.7% are Christians. The Japanese are in desparate need of the Gospel so by the time poverty is obsolete, I will have made many billions of dollars all for myself (Remember I'd only be earning 1% of the revenue from the android-run business?) so I'd be more than happy to donate many billions at a time to spread the word of God in Japan, and eventually Worldwide.

And yes, even my Androids may help spread the word of God.

The android-run business won't just operate online. They'll earn money from the THOUSANDS (maybe millions?) of avenues of income, online & off, from roadside vending, to repairing/selling PCs, to running real estate agencies, and even selling interstellar starships! And all these businesses will keep growing at an exponential pace.

More Charitable Endowments- Educational
I'll also donate to education and make yearly donations in order to make all tuition, room-&-board, and other educational expenses FREE to everyone. This will be for all schools and colleges worldwide!

Everyone deserves an education, so it wouldn't hurt! To add on top of that, if any student is likely to fail, the donations could also introduce multitudes of new programs & incentives to operate as "failsafes" to ensure they pass. In fact, there will be failsafes-for-failsafes, then failsafes^3, failsafes^4, and so on.

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