Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'd like a "Blog Visitation Counter", Public Or Private

Foreword: This was a suggestion sent to the Developers of I thought I'd C&P the suggestion onto this blog as well.

(C&P: "Copy & Paste". Often, in Internet Lingo, people abbreviate frequently-used phrases, like "BRB" for "Be Right Back". Therefore, why hasn't anyone thought of using "C&P" for Copy & Paste, since Internet Users copy & paste a lot? Readers, please use "C&P" for "Copy & Paste" anywhere you go on the Internet from now on, ok?)

Yes, a counter that records how many people have visited a user's blog. I'd like that. Many others would, too.

(You want me to be more detailed? Then you've got it!)

Also, a "tracker" along with a counter that shows each visitor's IP address, ISP, and physical location. There's already technology available that detects where physically a user is from.

In fact, I even saw a site a long time ago that said something like, "Hello, you who visit from Manhattan, KS." I was a bit surprised by that. He used "Geo-Positioning Software" (or however it was named) for that purpose.

Yep, I'd like to see what towns, states, or countries the readers hail from. Features like that would make the blogs look better.

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