Monday, September 20, 1999

Topic of my choice: Online gaming (Retro Personal Entry)

Dear Journal,
I love to play games online w/ other people.
I go play a few games at under
the name ShangSlayer. The games I love
playing the most is Age of Empires
& Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
On Age of Empires, it's a game where we
build a flourishing empire in ancient times
and try to either destroy, help, or convert
another person's empires. On a death
match, you start w/ tons of resources and
your goal is to build huge loads of
army training centers, siege workshops,
and units Really fast! You also
should build a lot of villagers b/c they
build & gather a lot of resources.
The enemy will do the same thing, but the
faster we build, the more likely we'll win!
But if an enemy attacks our base, then I
evacuate the villagers to a transport and
make a new base somewhere else on the
map. But chances are, that unites & towers
will be over the map, sdo I send scouts to
check if there's an empty spot, but
if there isn't or the scout dies, then
I'll just have to quit the game (or
sail off the map in my boat.)

Man, I wish I could sail off the map in my
ship in that game so I can go into another one
so far away so I can build up my army and
attack them back. I just can't wait to get
Age 2, or AoK, where there's a lot more
buildings, units, technologies, and lot bigger
maps. Maps in AoK are 3 times as large
as AoE and RoR, where Gigantic is so big, I always
have a place to hide! There's a lot more
variety of terrain, so when I get the game,
I can choose a terrain that can hide me the most,
so I can have plenty of time to build attack
units and kill another empire. Good thing
that us emperors don't die in that game and another
good thing that we don't live in the primitive settings
of the iron age. Us emperors live in a supercountry
that can't be conquered, that is full of luxuries,
and that the units don't even know about.
The supercountry is called the United States
of America, and it's a free, non-tyranny country.
In real life, emperors give names out, but here, names
are soooo top secret even other emperors shouldn't
know. So I love to keep playing those games
until they don't make those games anymore!

Teacher gave a checkmark on this journal entry.

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