Wednesday, March 20, 1996

5th grade journal 10 (Retro personal entry)

(This is a transcription of journal entries from long before I started this blogsite. This one is from 5th grade.)

3-20-95 (sic; it was really 1996)
Dear God,
I do not like this (partially erased symbols: #X%$) school. Mr. Resser is a sorry
(partially erased symbols: struck-through "~~", 5-pointed star, bus without wheels, asterisk) Thing . He did not make me go on a field
trip. I attempted to poke Sean Sullivan with a pencil because
I had a bad past and Sean won't let me pray. I broke
a ruler because I didn't go on a that field trip. I wish
you would ZAP me back to Kansas so I would not
tolerate any more of those (partially erased symbols: US flag on left of pole, mushroom or table with center column, car with bumpers that stick out and without wheels, a jug/flask, a box with an X, $) enemies.

In Jesus name we pray,


(Retro note: A few days after I wrote this last journal entry, my parents were kind enough to pull me out of Fishing Creek Elementary and transfer me to the Emmanuel Baptist Christian Academy in nearby Mechanicsburg. I was furious that our principal didn't let me go on a field trip after I put a pencil within about two or three inches of Sean Sullivan's eyes.

After transferring to the friendlier private school, I did have the pleasure to go on a field trip to a farther destination than we would have at Fishing Creek. In EBCA's field trip, we got to tour Washington, DC.

I lived in Pennsylvania from October 1995 through July 1996, so about nine months. We all felt miserable in PA, so Dad got transferred back to Kansas. Looking back however, I wish we would've been transferred to Korea instead.)

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