Thursday, February 08, 1996

5th grade journal 7 (Retro personal entry)

(This is a transcription of journal entries from long before I started this blogsite. This one is from 5th grade.)

2-8-95 (sic; it was really 1996)
Dear Journal,
I cannot wait until Valentines Day. For Christine Foley,
my main Valentine, I will buy a box shaped like a heart
full of 30 black chocolates, and a valentine card.
I said "black choclates" because Lindsey (Pate) told
me that Christine is allergic to White choclates.
And I can't wait to by Christine, birthday presents and
can't wait until February 12th.

(Egao No Genki; original name withheld)

(Retro note: For some odd reason, I started signing my name at the end of my journals. Moreover, I had a HUGE crush on Christine Foley that year. She was my most favorite girl of all the girls at Fishing Creek Elementary. She lived down the hill on the same Army base I lived on, so I got to hang out with her every now and then.

Unfortunately, she didn't requite her feelings back to me in the way that I had hoped, because I didn't know how to properly like and treat a girl when I was 10 & 11 years old.)

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