Thursday, July 21, 1994

Mid-elementary journal 47 (Retro Personal Entry)

(I am transcribing journal entries from before I started this net-journal. This one is from midway through elementary school.)

Dear J,
on Sunday Aunt Krista is going
to come over to are house on
sunday. but we can't do it because
my mom can't drive too far
because my mom is pregnant and
my dad has to go to work on
the weekend. All shoud we do is
that we can call Aunt Krista
for her to ride a bus to
Juncion City. and my dad can
pick her up in Juncion City.

Christian 22


  1. I remember coming to visit you then! Some time I will find my old pictures I have of you and share them- from when you were 6 months old and on up!

    Have you considered taking some writing classes at school and learning how to get published?

  2. Hi, Aunt Krista, and thank you for finding my blog!

    Please upload all of those pictures onto Facebook and tag me in them. Thanks in advance!

    I have already taken Creative Fiction and Nonfiction writing this semester, and turned in my Final papers for that class.

    On my LATEST blog entries (as of this time), I have posted my fiction story assignments on here. They're chapters of "The Second Childhood."